Friday, April 6, 2012

Memoire , Climbing is a time Machine...

i never Thought of climbing as a Time machine! when you climb a route you climb a history not just because its stone , and stone touches thousand of years but because other people just like you touched that too, they may try to climb that too and they've been here laughing and spending amazing times...
anyway , this time we went for climbing to make a memory alive for someone who has been there for first time more than 16 years ago and he was really intrested to see the problem that he tried to climb those years , nice place with great boulders and stone's material was just amazing, its called KHORZANE and its placed in hamedan its 15 minutes driving from city which is great!

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Mémoire from mohammad.AH on Vimeo.

Camera : Canon EOS 7D , JVC everio gz
2:47 PMlens : canon 15-85 mm
Sound Of Some - Alexander Franke
These Days - Robin Grey
music for the heart - nico pusch
Glory - radical face
software : Adobe After effect cs5 & premiere pro cs5

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beam of Hope

It’s all about being alive no matter where or when ,
well it’s not the worst situation ever, but more we see people around the world trying to live better More we feel united , even a small climbing wall could do something that a whole gym couldn’t do in another place, for these guys it’s a life ,it’s a fight and a reason to be…

They want to be Champions !

Camera : Canon EOS 7D
Lens : canon 15-85 mm & sigma 30 mm f1/4
Color grade in MB Looks
Edited in Adobe premiere pro cs5
Music :
The xx - intro
Azereus - Azubaî Waterfalls - Azereus
KM - Scratch test

Song of the Persian Gulf

a Video for a friend , he is a scuba diver wish luck for him;)

Top is Top Trailer

here is a trailer for a documentry about a climber with a group of other athletes who are living in Iran and training in a hard condition , and the climber suffer from not having proper Facilities , but at the end its not condition who defeats him....
Music : BertycoX / The Signal (CWF remix)
Filmed & Edited by : Mohammad Reza Abaee
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3 Days Slacklife

3 friends 3 days slackline , 3 days fun
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Nomarz Sport Group

Slackers :
Mohammad Reza Abaee
Kiavash Sharifi
Farzin Ghajar
cameras : Canon EOS 7D
lenses : Sigma 30 mm f/1.4
Thanks to:
Iran SlaCkline

3 minutes with Nomarz

3 Minutes With Nomarz

NoMarz is a Group Of People Seeking for improving their Abilities ,
There are Climbers , Jumpers and Other Kind of Extreme Sport , And Any kind Of People from cook to Accountant That Are Together For Same Goal.
Have Fun !
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Persian Gulf Forever

Persian Gulf Forever

Persian Gulf , was Persian Gulf , is Persian Gulf and always will be PERSIAN Gulf , FOREVER
Filmed & Edited by :
Mohammad Reza Abaee
Music : Steve Jablonsky
Camera : Canon Eos 7D
Location : Kish Island , Iran